Area Tour

Become familiar in your new city.

Our orientation tours are unique as we not only incorporate the local facilities required to familiarise a person to a new environment but ensure we bring in the assignee’s personal preferences.  This way, your chosen consultant will develop a personal tour with you and your family in mind.

We offer support to help everyone relocating to understand and adapt to the new culture, language, location, and issues related to a dual-career family. Along with our destination information, local area knowledge and local level support, we ensure everyone feels completely supported.


A dedicated Tantor Client Services Manager will conduct a briefing call to understand your requirements.
A tailored area tour itinerary will be shared encompassing your needs.
An accompanied tour of the host location incorporating a visit to the new office, shopping locations, schools, hospitals and other local amenities.
Area information and expert guidance.
Everyday living advice based on the city.