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Language Training

Proficiency in speaking, reading & writing. We have selected the best language training providers worldwide to help ensure you are fully prepared for your new assignment and have the tools needed to settle in a new country. Services We have qualified TESOL English teachers based in Johannesburg who provide on–line and face to face language […]
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Access to a range of property types and lease durations. All the details of your requirements will be managed by your dedicated Tantor Client Services Manager. They will conduct a briefing call with you to understand your requirements and incorporate short-term lease and temporary accommodation as part of your relocation, coordinating each element of your […]
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Cultural Coaching

Understanding the dimensions of culture. Cultural understanding could be the key to integrate successfully but support is essential.  The program is developed around the individual to own their understanding, development & success.  The focus is developing insight, understanding self-behaviour and how to channel future behaviour into a positive and productive manner. Some of the learnings would […]
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Settling In Services

We support you in your new home location. The settling-in assistance provides expats & family with help on the small details of day-to-day life.It is designed to get you comfortable & in the right frame of mind at their new home. It is best done after the home search is completed, as it is designed […]
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Media Resources

City profiles to assist family decision making. In order to ease anxiety of the unknown, we have a range of videos that show the route from the airport to the city of interest as well as a glimpse of the neighbourhood, shopping and hospitals. Services To compliment the video, we also have the city profile […]
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Home Finding

Locating and securing appropriate long-term accommodation. We have the most amazing home choices in South Africa ranging from free standing homes in Security Estates, Apartments, Townhouses, Freestanding homes and corporate serviced accommodation. Our experienced consultants will be on hand to support you from the start to finish! Services Before arrival, we will set up a […]
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School Search

Assist in sourcing optimal schooling. Sourcing the right school for your children is one of the largest obstacles you face in deciding to move countries. Our experienced consultants are able to guide and provide information with regards to International schools, Private Schools, Government Schools, Remedial and Special needs. We take sourcing the correct school personally. […]
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Area Tour

Become familiar in your new city. Our orientation tours are unique as we not only incorporate the local facilities required to familiarise a person to a new environment but ensure we bring in the assignee’s personal preferences.  This way, your chosen consultant will develop a personal tour with you and your family in mind. We […]
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Departure Service

With in-depth planning and support. Prior to your departure, you will be matched with a consultant who will guide and manage the exit process. Services Terminating contracts with local service providers. wifi | mobile | car rental Providing notice to schools. Providing notice to the landlord. Conducting an exit inspection. Retrieving your rental deposit. Prompting […]
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