Rental Know How

The Landlord:
is responsible for maintaining the exterior and structure of the property –including the plumbing, electrical installations (not appliances and light bulbs), swimming pool motor and filtration system.

The Tenant:
is responsible for maintaining the interior, keeping it clean and in good order, including walls, carpets, floors, appliances and light fittings; the pool (if applicable) and garden, including regular watering, the swimming pool (if applicable).

the Landlord is obliged to insure the property, it’s structures and any furnishings included in the rental. The Tenant is responsible for insuring his/her personal effects, everything brought onto the property. In the event of any property-related emergency e.g.burst pipes, electrical installations struck by lightning, fire, floods etc. the Landlord can claim the cost of damages from his or her insurer provided the Landlord is notified. It is therefore critical that you immediately notify the Landlord when an incident occurs.

On termination of the lease:
the Tenant is responsible for returning the property in the same condition as it was at commencement, fair wear and tear only excepted. The Landlord is entitled in law and per the Lease to deduct the cost to make good any damages from the deposit.